Open Frameworks

The new Design Edition by Hadi Teherani

With this edition, the renowned architect continues to pursue his ideas from the first collaboration in 2014: Never before has combinatorics been as profoundly contemplated as in this edition, which increases the possibilities of design infinitely.

Hadi Teherani

Inspired by the Bauhaus movement and by conceptual architecture, Hadi Teherani takes the focus of his work as a way of meeting a comprehensive need to design, which also includes the product design and consultation stages.

Alfredo Häberli

»A floor can reveal patterns and structures also at second glance. The important thing is that it has an effect, triggers a feeling and underlines the character of the room.«

Jean Nouvel

Jean Nouvel is one of the most influential architects of the present day. The Frenchman is associated with bold design vocabulary, transparency and audacity.

Jean-Ma­rie Mas­saud

Jean-Marie Massaud produces large architectural projects as well as individual design objects. In his studio he puts together projects of every size ranging from a perfume bottle to a football stadium.

Ka­rim Ra­shid

For years now, Karim Rashid has been seen as an icon and pop star of the worldwide design scene. Rashid skilfully plays with modern style elements and transforms them into his own, very personal design language.

Kon­stan­tin Grcic

Konstantin Grcic was born in Munich in 1965 and is seen as one of the most influential German designers of the present day.

Mat­teo Thun

The Italian architect and designer Matteo Thun is a co-founder of Sottsass Associati and the legendary Memphis Group. From 1983 to 1996 he taught as a professor of design at the College of Applied Art in Vienna.


Ora-Ïto made headlines with a rather unconventional career path: the drop-out student thanks his status as a shooting star of the design scene to a magazine, which published his designer creations for Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Apple – designs for which there were no orders from the clients.

Pie­ro Lis­so­ni

The Italian Piero Lissoni was born in 1956 and studied architecture in Milan before founding an interdisciplinary studio for architecture and design with Nicoletta Canesi in 1986. Lissoni gained his reputation with various projects for renowned clients like Boffi and Benetton.

Ro­n­an & Er­wan Bou­roullec

The two brothers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec together run the design studio named after them in Paris. They were discovered by Giulio Cappellini, for whose label they produced their first commercial designs.

Ross Love­gro­ve

A combination of material studies, biomorphic shapes and high-tech – that is the signature of the industrial designer Ross Lovegrove. At the start of his career as a product designer, the Brit worked on the Walkman for Sony and on Apple‘s iMac computer; these days he is known for his organically shaped objects such as lights and chairs.

Wer­ner Aiss­lin­ger

The German designer is at home in the product design, design conception and brand design sectors.His name is associated with the creative use of new materials and experimental projects like the mobile LoftCube, which, if needed, can be moved by helicopter or crane to a new location.

Zaha Ha­did

The British architect and professor of architecture of Iraqi origins impresses the architectural world with her avant-garde, forward-looking visions.

Ben van Ber­kel

The Dutchman runs the architecture and design office UNStudio in Amsterdam together with a female partner. Among other things, the architect is known for the new Mercedes Benz Museum in Stuttgart and the Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam.