New Classics laminate flooring

The versatility of traditional engineered wood flooring is based on the sheer endless possibilities of the decorative arrangement of its geometric forms. Developed by Hadi Teherani, the Design Edition carries over the qualities of this classic to the laminate flooring sector in a vibrant, modern and innovative way. The laminate floors of the New Classics Design Edition combine a sense of the classic with a feel for the time in which we live. The result is real unique pieces that inject life into the floor – self-assured, innovative and authentic. Simply New Classics.

Hadi Teherani

"The room becomes a place of desire. Visitors think to themselves: "That looks good – what is it resting on?" Then they see that in actual fact it is just the formats that have been assembled differently. By just moving a couple of things, suddenly a new level emerges which catches the eye in a completely different way.

Ornamental / Graphik Oak

The laminate flooring Edition Ornamental Oak is based on natural-coloured and bright parallelograms in the appearance of oak in a panel engineered wood flooring look, provided with the geometric glaze of a star-shaped ornament. The modular repetition of this complex design is a fascinating tribute to stately times with a clear commitment to modern spatial theory. Graphic Oak is the purist side of the Oak Edition. Natural-coloured and dark, flat parallelograms alternate in seemingly random order. The white glaze over the wood decor arises from the basic geometry of the wood panels and, together with the size of the squares, creates a sophisticated depth effect. The interplay of light and shadow distinguishes both floors, which gives them – despite all the geometric severity – a very vibrant feel. Thanks to the perspective design, the Design Edition laminate flooring helps to create uniquely individual interiors.

Light / Dark Mable Oak

For centuries, wood and marble have ranked among the highest quality natural materials. Due to their different consistency, their powerful vibrancy has so far been virtually impossible to combine. Hadi Teherani has made this impossibility possible – with the technical means of laminate flooring: The Edition Marble Oak creates a very special tension on the floor, underpinned by the authenticity of the combined wood and stone look. The decor Oak natural interacts with the white Italian marble; with black marble the smoked oak creates the image of high wood quality and a finely polished Italian stone. Through clever offsetting in the arrangement of the individual wood and marble elements in the decor, the impression of a special installation technique arises. This creates a very special tension and dynamics – for a confident floor in sophisticated interior spaces.


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Design Edition