Open Frameworks laminate flooring

The laminate flooring of the Open Frameworks Design Edition starts somewhere between original and interpretation: classic flooring design materials such as terrazzo, travertine, wood and stone evolved in a contemporary manner. In this respect, Edition plays with colours and material properties and makes use of the varied design options that laminate flooring provides. Decors thereby emerge that fluctuate between imitation and the genuine. They combine classicism and modernity in balanced harmony.

Hadi Teherani:

"For the laminate flooring, we have opted for the theme of combinatorics of timeless architectural classics: travertine, wood, concrete and terrazzo. We depict these decors in grayscale – we have named it 'super neutral' – and thus work with the drawing and graphical quality of the materials. Only in the terrazzo is there a hint of colour with the red inclusions in the surface. Travertine, wood, concrete and terrazzo can thus be combined with each other in the surface."

Space for creative freedom

Thanks to its universal tongue and groove construction, the laminate flooring Edition displays its creative power in an exciting interplay of form and appearance as well as colours and decors. The different designs, which can be combined at will, open up a new dimension of versatility. This results in a multitude of floor design possibilities. Each floor is unique, each room is filled with individuality.

Classic and modern in harmony

Whether by combining different decors, laying in unconventional patterns or by means of a combination of all of the components – the laminate flooring Edition creates the space for a new creative freedom. Laminate flooring comes to life in a combination of materials, colours and finishes.

Laminate flooring rethought



Installation pattern



Installation pattern

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