Karim Rashid

The pop star of the design scene designs for Parador.


For years now, Karim Rashid has been seen as an icon and pop star of the worldwide design scene. Rashid skilfully plays with modern style elements and transforms them into his own, very personal design language. Rashid celebrated his international breakthrough in 1996 with the “Garbo Can“ waste-paper basket. Since then he has created over 3,000 designs and objects and received over 300 prizes and awards. Big companies and brands, prestigious hotels and restaurants plus over 60 furniture manufacturers rely on the flair for zeitgeist that comes out of Rashid‘s New York studio.

Karim Rashid website




Interior Design Best of Year Award („Muma Juga Chair“)


Simon Taylor Award for Lifetime Achievement (prize for outstanding personalities)


ADEX Award for Design Excellence („Nambe Relief Collection“)