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A fitting floor for every building

Individual interior design starts on the floor. With the “Parador Identity” laminate flooring range from the premium manufacturer Parador, floor design now knows no limits: thanks to an innovative printing process developed by Parador, any given motif can be depicted on the floor in a photo realistic way and in art print quality.

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Parador Identity scores highly not only with creative freedom. Laminate flooring also impresses with top values in terms of energy efficiency and durability, thus making it suitable for contract projects. A new sales team will help architects and planners when it comes to making customised floors.

Every type of architecture has its own specific character. In order to continue a high design standard on the floor, Parador has launched the individual laminate flooring range “Parador Identity” on the market, which enables floors to be designed to suit people's wishes and to match the building. In doing so, the decors can be created completely freely (Identity Creation) or using a wide number of different motifs (Identity Library). Quality assurance is taken care of right from the start: Parador accompanies the whole process chain from the creative stage through to production.



Unlimited design freedom with Identity Creation

Identity Creation sets no limits to your imagination: any conceivable motif can be produced as a laminate decor in the highest quality and a resolution of 1200 dpi. Based on drawings, photos, graphics or images, the floor emerges to match the character of the building or the individual rooms according to all manner of chosen designs. For example, the top designer Karim Rashid used Identity Creation to develop three floor variations for the lifestyle hotel nhow in Berlin, which fit in seamlessly with the overall concept of the interior, and thus put the floor in a special light.

Identity Library: create individual floors using suggested motifs. For Identity Library, Parador has put together a design library with a wide range of suggested motifs. The library with the seven categories Stripes, Points, Structure, Handcraft, Graphics, Special, Surface and Visual Nature offers a variety of different colours and decors. For example, these include a range of graphic elements, which together create a consistent image, or on the other hand motifs that arouse associations with the orient, for example, as well as old favourites from the textile industry like houndstooth. It is also possible to include a company logo as a motif. All samples can be individually adapted so that they ideally match the architecture and interior of the building.



Technically advanced and suitable for contract work

The Parador Identity laminate flooring meets the highest quality requirements and is therefore especially suited for installation in public areas. The individual planks are made up of the swell-resistant fibreboard, a printed decor layer and a highly abrasion-resistant top layer made of melamine resin overlay. Increased conductivity reduces electrostatic charge. The low installation height of 9 mm maximum makes them particularly easy to renovate. The “Parador Identity” laminate floors have the utility classes 32 to 34 for commercial areas and utility class 23 for the living area.

Three formats, two plank options

Parador Identity is available as an oversize format (1285 x 400 x 8 mm), rectangular format (638 x 330 x 8 mm) and long plank format (1285 x 192 x 9 mm). You can either design a single plank (single-plank design) or several different planks (multi-plank design), which can be laid in a repeat sequence or also randomly with 1/2 or 1/3 offset planks. The repetition with the single-plank design gives an even floor pattern, whilst the arbitrary or even deliberate installation arrangement of the multi-plank design opens up totally new looks.

Contract sales team in the starting blocks

Parador has set up a new sales team especially for contractors, architects and planners, which is available when planning, creating and producing the individual laminate floor. There is also an extensive work file, which can act as an aid with many suggested decors and tips.