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"Oak history" – the charm of old wood

The trend towards more naturalness is unrelenting. The Parador premium brand is reacting to this with a new collection of real wood floors: Original style surfaces, naturally oiled timbers and engineered wood made of historic materials fulfil the longing for what is genuine and real.

Creating a wood floor is the same as the diamond polishing process: the unique treasure found in the raw material needs to be discovered and brought out using a special finishing process. In this case "less" is often "more". The engineered wood manufacturer Parador has therefore turned to methods that emphasize the natural textures of the wood. "Brushed" and "rough sawn" surfaces appear authentic, almost untreated. Also new is the use of natural oil, which combines with the wood in a long drying process. Naturally oiled floors absorb the marks of time and fulfil the longing for what is genuine and real.


Echtholz-Parador-Parkett-EicheEngineered wood and solid wood floors from parador follow  the natural beauty of the material

Historic materials are in fashion. When old buildings, some dating back centuries, are pulled down, doors, window frames, door handles, terracotta tiles, grilles, fences or granite panels for example are rescued and take their place in modern houses after being restored. This is exactly where Parador comes in with the engineered wood "History". Using oak beams, which come from old barns or timbered houses, a floor has been made that will not only thrill antique fans but will also win over people who love the rustic style. The wood reveals its past in details: for example, small inlets, which point to the original use of the beams, are treated with black filler, thus preserving their true origins. 

Edition 1: Engineered wood and solid wood floors by Matteo Thun

Matteo Thun is one of the outstanding designers of the present day. He approaches wood, the most original of all flooring materials, with respect. For Edition 1 by Parador he has developed a unique wood look with two style ranges: "Scandinavian style" picks up on the Nordic cottage style dominated by white and light grey timbers; whereas the "Palazzo style" evokes old city mansions, which are supposed to represent. For this purpose, the well-known designer chose a bleached walnut, which is set in the traditional herringbone installation pattern. Matteo Thun places great emphasis on the natural quality of the surfaces, which are only treated with natural oil and have both an exclusive look and feel.