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Parador decorates walls with tangibly beautiful panels

With sophisticated solutions for wall and ceiling decoration, the design trendsetter Parador picks up the current tendency towards light colours. The new decor panels also score well with 3D textures that allow an interesting play of light to unfold. Also new: Clickboard panels with antique origins.

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When it comes to property, the trend towards bright apartments flooded with light has long been apparent, as their generous expanse emphasizes the beauty of a space. Light walls, however, can also make a room look bigger and higher, as recently shown by a study at the University of Mainz once again. The new decor panels from Parador in white or shades of cream pick up on this trend and conjure up elegance on walls with refined designs.

The fascinating interplay of shiny effects on matt surfaces is marvellous on the decors "Stripes white" and "Silhouette gloss". Soft lines and stripes form harmonious, extravagant wall patterns with a relief effect.

The decor "Brushed light pine" hints at a natural impression of wood, which can also be felt due to the 3D texture. Also new are the two light oak interpretations "Oak honey" and "Oak white" plus two panels with a suggested linen texture in fashionable mud and beige tones, "Linen caramel" and "Linen natural".

Echoes of antique curch floors with new ClickBoard decors

Antique objects are surrounded by a special aura. Beauty aged with dignity fascinates due to authentic exclusivity. The Parador premium brand now takes up this feeling with new decors for Clickboard panels: old marble floors in churches have been meticulously photographed and digitalized, and are now making statements as panels on walls and ceilings under the names "Marble antico Firenze" and "Marble antico Venezia".