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The "most creative" of all floors: laminate!

Nothing is impossible goes the saying every two years from the design-smith Parador. An extensive spectrum of decors, surfaces and formats, authentic reinterpretations of high quality timbers and imaginative graphic motifs round off the range. Particularly exciting are designs resulting from playing with unusual materials.

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Which material do you expect on the floor? Wood planks, terracotta, carpet? Or can it also be something totally different? Pardor's designers say: Yes! And have experimented with postage stamps, zinc plates and tape measures for example. Together with the properties of a material they have discovered new sides altogether and used them to create extraordinary laminate floors.

Everything is open to question. For example, why a block floor always has to be made from planks of the same width. Or not as the case may be, as the new "Oak mix" laminate shows, which is captivating precisely because of the irregular arrangement and different widths or lengths of the planks. Once installed, a lively scene emerges, which integrates excellently with a puristic home ambience. 


Valuable: The history written by life

The marks of life, of time are valuable. That is why old buildings emit a special charm. This is precisely where the laminate floor "Walnut antique" takes its cue. Its decor comes from a chancery that is over a hundred years old. The office's engineered wood, aged with dignity, was meticulously reproduced and is now enjoying its renaissance as a technically advanced laminate floor.


New laminate decors from vintage to elegant

Two important poles are noticeable when it comes to current home living trends: on the one hand elegant furnishings with clear colours, on the other hand the so-called vintage style, which likes the natural, rustic effect. Parador has suitable laminate decors for both styles in its new range: light floors such as "White elm" and "Ash tropic" fit perfectly into an elegant setting, whilst natural-look wood decors with "brushed" and "rough sawn" surface imitations emanate cottage flair with their almost authentic look and feel. Also new is the format version Trendtime 7, which follows the trend towards long planks with its size of 158 x 2200 mm.