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Between a yellow wall and green floor

Norbert Dickel: the cult figure of Borussia Dortmund

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 Norbert Dickel, former professional footballer, is now the event manager at BVB and furthermore the stadium announcer, presenter and commentator on the BVB internet radio. In 1986 he scored 20 goals at BVB in 32 German league matches, and in the 1988/89 season he led the Borussia team to cup victory with two goals despite a serious knee injury. "I was desperate to be in the final", recalls Dickel. This injury also signalled the end of his career, however. The fans are still thankful for his unconditional commitment and his winner's mentality: to this day, when Dickel runs onto the pitch towards the South Terrace of Signal Iduna Park to announce the team at every home game, around 25,000 fans sing: "We sing Norbert, Norbert Dickel, everyone knows him, the hero of Berlin." ( The hard core of Borussia fans stand on the South Terrace. This area of the stadium looks like a black and yellow sea and it gets particularly turbulent when 25,000 people, 100 metres wide, 52 metres deep and 40 metres high jump up in unison and strike up their football chants. "You never forget these moments. It is a unique scene, each time like new. It is simply on a different scale. An overwhelming atmosphere. The best place in the world for me is here: right in front of the Yellow Wall." (

Menschen-NorbertDickel-Parador-SignalIdunaParkLandmark of the city - cult site of a region

With seating for 80,645 spectators, Signal Iduna Park is Germany's biggest stadium. The gleaming yellow steel pylons reach up into the Dortmund sky and are the landmark of the city. Every morning, when Dickel drives to his office at the BVB business complex, they show him the way from a distance. “The stadium is not only great from the inside, but also a constructional masterpiece from the outside. It has a force of attraction.
Naturally the infrastructure must work too, as 80,000 people come from every conceivable direction to each home game. After 105 minutes they are all on their way back home. And it all runs smoothly. For me that is a great achievement of interplay between people, logistics and architecture. Every move is perfectly planned there.”

Staying on the green turf

Besides the green football pitch, there is another green turf where Norbert Dickel is still active today: he is a passionate golfer and does this in the name of good deeds at GOFUS, the association of golfing footballers. Giving back some of one's own good fortune is the declared aim of GOFUS and supports clubs, trusts and institutions that help children and young people from weaker economic backgrounds. “That makes sport and your own efforts even more valuable. You do what you enjoy and at the same time are able to do some lasting good,” says Dickel. Norbert Dickel overcomes all his tasks and work with passion and one hundred percent commitment. That is typical of him and how he is known to the many people for whom he is a professional and personal point of contact.

Menschen-NorbertDickel-Parador-MeetIt begs the question, in which surroundings such a person feels at home and how he repeatedly gathers the energy for his daily workload?

"I feel good in an atmosphere where it is warm and cosy. The important elements for me are the colours of the walls, a nice floor and the furniture, and everything should go together well. I have a soft spot for everything Mediterranean and like rooms in this look the best."

Finally this question: If you were allowed to ask for a floor from the Parador product developers, what would it look like?
"I have known the Parador range for years, it is very extensive and probably leaves hardly any desires unfulfilled. And I have used this fantastic floor in the golf area in the Dortmund Signal Iduna Park myself. So if I was allowed to create a floor for the event platform in the stadium, then it would naturally be green and would have an extra feature: it would be be able to keep the cold away from underneath..."