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Parador supports Expedition Hope

Expedition Hope has been on the go since 2 April – from the North Pole down to Canada. Parador is involved jointly with the Plant-for-the-planet initiative and Bernice Notenboom, who is covering the 1,000-kilometre route on foot. Her objective: to draw attention to the melting of the poles – and to more climate justice.

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Expedition Hope got under way on 2 April 2014. Then Felix Finkbeiner bid farewell to the team surrounding Bernice Notenboom with a symbolic act: they planted a tree together at the North Pole. The big message: stop global warming.

As part of Expedition Hope, three polar experts are covering over 1,000 kilometres on the route from the North Pole to Ottawa, Canada. Not only are they fighting against climate warming on their trip, but also against temperatures in the double-digit minus range.

You can help us to cover the costs of supplies, clothing and transport equipment for the adventurers. Your donation will relieve the burden on Plant-for-the-planet – and ensure our continued commitment for more climate justice.

As a small thank you for your contribution, you will receive a certificate alongside a donation receipt. In addition you will be entered in a draw: win a bar of Expedition Hope special edition chocolate, the Plant-for-the-planet tree shirt or our book ›Baum für Baum [Tree by tree]‹.