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Design & Dynamik: A-Class meets Parador

The new Mercedes A-Class inspires a Mercedes dealer in Münster to a special display concept: he installs Parador Edition 1 laminate floors at eight sites.

Parador laminate flooring of Edition 1 underlines the dynamic design of Mercedes A-Class in Munster.

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A new design that sets standards in its segment also requires a new exhibition concept, thought Beresa, the Mercedes dealer based in the Münsterland region. “We wanted to make our design approach clear. To this aim, for the product launch days we set up furniture made by Vitra and other design classics, decorated these with unusual and fashionable items on loan such as boldly modern ladies' shoes and commissioned a caterer that runs a design hotel in Münster,” explains Thomas Ulms, sales director and authorised representative at Beresa. And in order to set the presentation islands apart optically on the floor and provide the new A-Class with an adequate floor, the Münster-based dealer recalled the good, long-running business relationship with the Hüls Group, to which Parador, based in Coesfeld, also belongs. “The Edition 1 laminate floors created by internationally renowned designers went superbly with the new design image of the A-Class,” says the sales director. 



One floor each from the collection was laid at eight sites belonging to the company. In Münster the choice fell to the laminate floor, “Gel”, by the German designer, Werner Aisslinger. Aisslinger is well-known in the design world for the creative use of new materials. The concept of the “Gel” laminate decor is based on the transference of a soft material in a transient state on a firm floor. The impression of translucence and visual depth emerges from visual air pockets. The market launch of the A-Class was a complete success for Beresa: around 10,000 visitors came to the exhibitions at the different sites over two days and were thrilled by the new, cultivated sporty design style.