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Energy-saving house – the windmill on Lake Zernsee

Future-oriented living? In a windmill? That alone is unusual. Yet a windmill in Potsdam tops everything that has gone before with an intelligent energy saving technology. Laminate and solid wood flooring from Parador provide an added feeling of innovative home living.

200 square metres of living area, on five levels, built in just eight weeks. The energy-saving building impresses with extraordinary figures.

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The energy-saving building with sails

The most extraordinary holiday home in Germany is a windmill near Potsdam. Idyllically situated on Lake Zernsee, a new building has emerged that sets standards in terms of energy efficiency and modern building equipment. The energy self-sufficient house was built covering 200 square metres of living space on five levels in just eight weeks. The energy for heating, electricity and hot water is supplied by around 40 square metres of photovoltaic cells, which are fitted on the four sails. The whole building was designed with high heat insulating materials according to the strictest energy saving criteria.


The change in energy-saving buildings

Compared to average buildings, energy-saving houses use less energy for heating and hot water. These standards are set out in the EnEV (Energy Saving Directive for Buildings) when constructing new buildings. The future lies in energy-efficient and environmentally aware living and should be planned with every new building project these days.



Energy self-sufficient energy-saving building

An energy self-sufficient building balances the energy supplied for heating, hot water, auxiliary power and household electricity and the energy generated on the building, for example through solar collectors. On the windmill by Lake Zernsee, the energy is not generated through wind power but by the photovoltaic cells fitted to the sails. Although the sails do not move, therefore, the dome of the mill can track the sun and is thus exposed to the best light for generating solar energy.

It stands to reason that, in terms of flooring also, only the best will do for such innovative and forward-looking living: laminate and solid wood flooring from Parador. With “Parador Trendtime 1 solid wood flooring in Pitch Pine Classic“ and “Parador Trendtime 1 laminate flooring in pecan”, the best flooring quality has been installed over 130 m². A good choice that also gives the energy-saving building a special aura in terms of the floor.