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Olympic swimming pool fitness center

In one of the most famous buildings in Germany, well-known from the 1972 Olympic Games, is a fitness centre equipped with Parador products.

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thumb08-paxx1098f4The fitness centre is situated in a building made famous by the 1972 Olympic Games and has an international status as an architectural icon thanks to its unusual roof structure.

The significance of this was also taken into account by being entered in the monument register. The lower floors are characterised by large visible concrete surfaces and monolithic components, plus large foundation blocks that support the roof spans. The walls are distinguished by powerful, fresh colours that emanate from the colour concept of the “Rainbow games” designed by Otl Aicher for the 1972 Olympics.




Planning within a building of this importance requires a high degree of sensitivity towards its surroundings. The Munich architect firm planplus was guided in this respect by the existing design: the new fitness centre picks up on the monolithic design of interior spaces in its architecture, and by exposing the large foundation blocks with the tension cables in the ceiling, visitors are able to see the support system for the Olympic roof inside. The cubic shape of the existing components is reflected in the furnishing, which consists of individual block-like elements. The light green acoustic wall, which acts as a spine in the upper level, joining the cardio, weights and spinning areas with each other, invokes the expansive green areas of the Olympic Park opposite in its materiality, whilst the blue areas of the lounge, which were made with the “Pixel Blue” laminate flooring on floor and wall areas, is supposed to remind people of the water areas that make up the Olympic lake.




Olympic swimming pool fitness centre

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