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Pink and Pop

Europe's first music hotel has now opened in Berlin: the nhow Berlin attracts visitors with its own sound studio over the Spree and room service that brings Gibson guitars to your room including amplifier and headphones.

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Orte-Parador-nhow-easttowerThe concept

The striking building, right on the bank of the Spree, designed by star architect Sergei Tchoban, offers over 300 rooms and suites. Nobody less than the New York designer Karim Rashid designed the whole interior. His visionary, playful designs create a perfect symbiosis with the rather severe architecture by Sergei Tchoban.





The vision

Karim Rashid's vision is a radical design movement, whose key demand consists of breaking with old viewing and living habits. In order to implement this demand on the floor too, together with Parador he developed three laminate floors for the hotel rooms in the colours of each section of the building: pink in the east tower, blue in the west tower and a discreet grey for the upper tower. Parador Identity laminate flooring is perfectly suited for achieving such unusual projects, because thanks to the “ArtPrint” digital print process, unique floors can be produced in outstanding print quality and fascinating colour brilliance. Parador also supplied a suitable subfloor, “Akustik-Protect 100”, which guarantees very good room acoustics – not to be overlooked for a “musicians hotel”.