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The Hundertwasser architectural artwork in Magdeburg

In the “Grünen Zitadelle”, the last building project by Friedensreich Hundertwasser, Parador floors underline the philosophy of the architectural artwork.

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The Grüne Zitadelle [Green Citadel], a design by Hundertwasser located in Magdeburg, is an artistic example of modern living close to nature. An accomplished oasis for all fans of detail and the unusual. It is the last project that Friedensreich Hundertwasser (* 15 December 1928; † 19 February 2000) worked on. Probably Hundertwasser's greatest architectural piece of artwork, it also stands for his unique creativity and special understanding of form and people's well-being. Golden spheres on towers, windows, no two of which are alike, and integrated trees, fountains and flower meadows in interior courtyards shape the “close to nature” approach of this architecture.



Architectural Artwork right in the center of Magdeburg

The “Green Citadel” emerged after about two years of construction. Besides apartments and shops, the building houses a hotel and a café. The building complex is a fun and functional space for work and leisure. “Life happens here. The word “citadel” originally comes from the Italian “cittadella”, which means “small city”. The roof of the Hundertwasser citadel is covered in grass.



Creatice architecture with Parador flooring

At this place right in the city centre of Magdeburg, where a prefabricated building previously stood, Parador flooring is used too. “Parador Classic laminate flooring in country pine wideplank” is laid over an area of approx. 4000 m². A good choice that is fully in keeping with the philosophy and concept of the Green Citadel. Creativity and a closeness to nature achieve their unique performance between artistic life and valuable living in this Hundertwasser architectural project too.



“Nature as a bridge between the past, present and future. Nature as an everlasting valid creation. Architecture in tune with nature and people.”


The manifesto for the Magdeburg Green Citadel 

The Grüne Zitadelle