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The restaurant “Am Aasee” in Munster

Gourmet cooking and Parador premium floors find their rightful place in the restaurant “Am Aasee”. A magical place, as even a very special love story takes place at the foot of the restaurant.

In the restaurant “Am Aasee”, the Parador floor “Engineered wood Trendtime 1 Teak Shipsdeck” is found under foot.

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The most liveable city in the world

In the capital of the Münsterland region, by Lake Aasee in Münster, discerning connoisseurs of gourmet cooking meet a stylish ambiance with a wonderful view across the lake. The Restaurant Am Aasee has a romantic sparkle and invites people to dine and relax. Particularly in summer, the terraces by Lake Aasee are a popular destination and a place to unwind in the heart of the city. The world-famous “liveable flair” belonging to the city of Münster can also be felt in this place. Since 2004 it has been able to call itself the “most liveable city in the world”. Münster was the first German city to win gold at the LivCom Awards in Niagara (Canada) in the category for cities with a population of 200,000 to 750,000.


The black swan and the pedalo

Lake Aasee gained worldwide fame with the love story between a black swan and a white pedalo in the shape of a swan. For months the swan would not leave the side of the pedalo and even swam after it when the pedalo was rented out. The swan even followed its “plastic love” into the winter months. International television stations and magazines reported on this romance on the lake.



Parador floor with relish

Gourmet cooking and premium flooring find their rightful place here. In the front row you can dine in the Restaurant Am Aasee and watch the colourful activities all around the sailing school, the Aasee terraces and fields. In this place where you can let yourself unwind, the Parador floor “Trendtime 1 engineered wood shipsdeck” gives you the right balance – almost like a sedan chair that brings the maritime atmosphere and romance into the room. The LivCom Award (The International Award for Liveable Communities) has been awarded every year since 1997 by the International Federation of Park and Recreation Administration (IFPRA) (originally under the name “Nations in Bloom”) and supported by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP). 



The LivCom Awards – A very special accolade



Die Liebesgeschichte einer Schwanendame zu einem Tretboot [The Love Story of a Swan to a Pedalo]. Friedrich Ani, Quint Buchholz: Mathilda und Giacomo. Published by Droemer HC Verlag Friedrich Ani, Quint Buchholz: Mathilda und Giacomo. Erschienen im Droemer HC Verlag

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