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Parador Engineered wood flooring

Parador engineered wood flooring is premium quality in all areas - from the production up to surface treatment and design. Read more about the visual and technical Details of our products. Discover our product lines and find advises about installation and care.

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Why Parador engineered wood floor­ing is spe­cial

Real wood floors increase the value of living areas in a visible manner. The natural material wood gives every room a sense of warmth and homeliness and provides the ideal basis for tasteful, style-conscious furnishing. Engineered and solid wood flooring from Parador allow plenty of ways of setting out your own individual furnishing style starting with the floor. Numerous select timbers, various plank formats and installation patterns, plus different ranges and surface treatments open up a unique spectrum for exclusive floor design. And with the Classic, Trendtime and Edition collections, ideas of timeless elegance as well as preferences for modern, design-oriented furnishing can be turned into reality. Be they traditional or fashion-conscious, all Parador real wood floors are timeless in terms of their quality standard.


Wood is a living material and changes over time; every tree is unique, every plank a unique specimen. By using this knowledge, and by using different formats, assortments and surface treatments, an attractive product range has emerged at Parador. Yet for us, wood doesn‘t only play a decisive role in terms of looks; we also use wood exclusively in the 3-layer sandwich composition. Consequently, we use home-grown spruce / fir for the middle layer which is specially processed so that only standing annual rings can be found to withstand the highest stresses. The balancing layer is also made of spruce produced using the hulling process which therefore saves resources.


Parador real wood floors are impressive due to a large choice of individual design options, outstanding quality and intelligent technology. Special click mechanisms make awkward tools unnecessary and the floor installation particularly easy and stable, whether floating or completely glued. At the same time, the lamella and top layer impregnation carried out at the factory protects against damp; the product composition in three layers leads to higher dimensional stability. The top layer made exclusively of solid wood and combined with high quality surface finishes, guarantees that the products retain their value for a long time.

Health in the home

Parador engineered wood floors are low on emissions and allergens and ensure pleasant indoor conditions. We are happy to demonstrate this by only using materials that are healthy for the home. Test certificates issued by TÜV, the LGA and Blue Angel give our customers the required peace of mind. Furthermore, wood has a regulating effect on the indoor climate, has a long life cycle and can be renovated numerous times and easily cleaned, making it perfectly suitable for households with pets, children and allergy sufferers.