Care & cleaning

Thanks to their pre-finished surfaces, Parador engineered wood floors can be easily cleaned and cared for. So that you enjoy your floor for years to come, here is some information about value retention, cleaning and care. 

Regular cleaning with a vacuum cleaner and brush is basically recommended. Dirty marks can be wiped off with a damp cloth. Prevent standing water at all costs and always remove liquids resting on the floor immediately. Protect the floor against sand and dirt using entrance mats, as both act like sandpaper. To protect the wood against scratches, fit chairs and tables with soft felt pads. Small areas of damage and knot holes can be repaired using soft wax of a matching colour. If the engineered wood floor is renovated, lacquered surfaces must be completely sanded down. 

Depending on the use or loading of the floor, an initial care treatment is recommended on oiled floors immediately after installation. This is particularly important for coloured surfaces and those with a modified texture, and helps to retain the value of your engineered wood floor over the long term. You also have the option of repairing scratches and smaller areas of damage on naturally oiled floors. For the surface treatment necessary afterwards, we offer you appropriated cleaning and care products under the accessories section. You can also use appropriate oil products or cleaning products from specialist retailers. 

For maintenance cleaning purposes, naturally oiled surfaces can be treated with all standard cleaning and care products for air-dried or oxidative dried naturally oiled finishes. Care should be taken that the floor is not wiped wet, just damp. Please take care that no abrasives, floor waxes or polishes are applied, as these tarnish the floor's appearance.

Due to the effect of light, natural chemical reactions are triggered in the wood, which cause a colour change on the surface of the wood. The colour change makes the overall appearance more even, with slight colour differences being automatically evened out over time.