Engineered wood flooring joint pattern

Besides the type of wood, finish and assortment, installation look and surface texture, the joint pattern also determines the characteristic look of the floor considerably. You can choose between two different joint designs: The all-round mini bevel, M4V, breaks up the look of the installed planks discreetly and underlines the typical engineered wood flooring look. The all-round bevel, 4V, on the other hand emphasises the individual character of each single plank.



Wissenswertes_Fugenbild_Laminat_0_v_fugeWithout joints

In the case of the classic installation without joints, the planks join together without any discernable gaps. This creates an overall closed impression and a calm, harmonious pattern.


Wissenswertes_Fugenbild_Laminat_2seitige_v_fuge2-V-joint/Mini 2-V-joint

The bevelled long edges underline the generous length effect of the planks and their authentic impression. They increase the vividness and make the room look deeper.




4V-joint/Mini 4V-joint

The all-round bevelled long and end edges result in an installation pattern with the charm and elegance of a real wood floor, as each single plank is emphasised.