Surface treatment

There are big differences among the assortment of Parador engineered wood floors. Before buying you should therefore check which type of engineered wood floor suits you best. You have a choice between the type of wood, the optical qualities of the assortment and the thickness of the top layer. In addition, the quality of the click connection and the surface treatment play a particularly important role. The choice of surface treatment should not be overlooked. With Parador engineered wood floors you can choose between the natural oil impregnation and the multi-layer lacquer finish. The decision to opt for which version is purely a matter of taste. A summary of the surface treatments can be found below.

Wissenswertes_Parador_Oberfla-che_lackversiegeltLacquer finish

A refined, silky gloss lacquer finish provides ideal protection against dirt and wear.




Natural oil finish

The original character of the wood is brought out. The wood‘s own patina develops with optimal protection.




Matt lacquer finish

The protective lacquer finish with the natural matt look of an oil treatment emphasises the colour and texture.



Wissenswertes_Parador_Oberfla-che_naturgeoeltweissNatural oil finish white

In addition to natural oil finish: colour and textural nuances in the wood are complimented by white colouring.



Wissenswertes_Parador_Oberfla-che_lackversiegeltweissmatt Lacquer finish white matt

ZIn addition to matt lacquer finish: colour and textural nuances in the wood are complimented by white colouring.




Floors without surface treatment are intended for an individual treatment. Time is quicker to take effect on the wood, generating a fascinating patina.