Brushed, sawn and hand-finished surface textures underline the authentic character of the wood as a natural material.


Specialists finish every single plank individually by hand with traditional craftsmanship. During the production of Parador »handscraped«, manual planing gives the floor a very original, authentic character.

Elephant Skin

Wood features like grains, knots and cracks are treated by the craftsman and presented in detail. The hand-made »Elephant Skin« surface thus reinforces the unique character of each plank. The result is an aged and almost historic-looking floor.

Sawn texture

Based on the finishing of wood using hand tools, before planing and sanding machines were invented and beams and boards were installed in a freshly sawn condition, we have used intelligent technology to replicate this sawn look. The irregularity of the saw marks running at right angles to the grain characterises this traditional, archaic design.


Finishing the wood surface with stainless steel brushes intensifies the natural grain of the wood. The wood texture is not only visible but also provides an authentic feel.


Inspired by the power of water which shapes coasts, cliffs and driftwood, we have developed the Wavescraped surface, which brings irregular and shallow recesses to the wood, similar to the marks left by a wave on the beach. A visible and tangible experience.