Before installation, the planks must be left to acclimatise and be kept for at least 48 hours in their original packaging at the place of installation. As well as a firm, dry and clean substrate, the right underlay plays a crucial role. It compensates for slight uneven patches and ensures the required moisture protection on mineral substrates when an integrated moisture barrier is used. If an underlay is used on mineral substrates without a moisture barrier, a PE film must also be used.

Special Parador acoustic products reduce both ambient noise and impact noise. Once the underlay has been installed, work can be started on the actual installation of the laminate floor. In the case of a floating installation, the laminate floor is installed without being firmly fastened to the underlay. The simple click technology allows Parador laminate floors to be easily installed in this way without prior knowledge. Parador laminate floors are suitable for use on underfloor heating systems.

For more information watch our installation video on youtube