Joint pattern

Besides the decor and plank format, installation look and surface texture, the joint pattern also determines the characteristic look of the floor considerably. Whilst a jointless installation creates a calm, closed impression, an installation with joints underlines the individual character of the planks. With a choice between various joint patterns, Parador further extends the scope to create individual designs.


Wissenswertes_Fugenbild_Laminat_0_v_fugeWithout joints

In the case of the classic installation without joints, the planks join together without any discernable gaps. This creates an overall selfcontained impression and a calm, harmonious pattern.



Wissenswertes_Fugenbild_Laminat_2seitige_v_fuge2-V-joint / Mini-2-V-joint

The grooved long edges underline the generous length effect of the planks and their authentic impression. They increase the vividness and make the room look deeper.



Wissenswertes_Fugenbild_Laminat_4_v_fuge4-V-joint / Mini-4-V-joint

The all-round grooved long and end edges produce an installation pattern with the charm and elegance of a real wood floor, as every single plank stands out.