Surface design

Besides a variety of decors, Parador laminate flooring has an impressive range of different surface textures, which, together with the decor, reinforce the authentic effect of the floor.


Natural texture

The natural texture makes the grain tangible. Individual wood grains thus have a much more realistic effect – and feel that way too.


Antique matt texture

Antique wood flooring finds it high value, genuine interpretation here. Rustically embossed with signs of finishing and use resulting in a matt antique texture.


Natural matt texture

The particularly matt look gives the impression of a naturally treated wood surface. The natural character of the wood unfolds elegantly.

Elegant texture

Areas emphasised with branchesa and flowers enhance the natural quality of the decor – in an optical and tangible manner.

Fine-grained texture

This surface is characterised by a discreet wood texture with fine pores, which gives the laminate flooring plank a lively and at the same time refined look.


The brushed texture intensifies the pleasantly natural feel of a wood texture through the effect of a sand-blasted, brushed surface.

Wood texture

The surface is not smooth, but has a universal wood texture embossing. It adds to the impression that it is made of real wood in terms of look and feel.

Rough-sawn texture

This texture is distinguished by the characteristically rough, porous surface of sawn wood and by its particularly up-to-date used look with saw marks.

Brilliant texture

The brilliant texture underlines the character of a flowery grained timber and emphasises the individual planks of the block look.

Vintage texture

The incomparable charm of days gone by comes to life through special wood looks (knots, cracks, filled areas).

Rustic texture

The look of roughly cut timber, as you might find in old cottages in the country, is reproduced by this surface texture.

Oil texture

With their refined, matt look, this surface imitates the characteristic sheen of oiled solid timbers.

Matt texture

With its porous, fine-veined look, this texture looks like untreated timber. It invites you to touch it and creates a particularly intensive sensory experience.

Relief texture

By means of a clearly visible and tangible embossing, the modern relief texture creates the impression of real wood and plays with matt gloss effects.

Stone texture

With its universal embossed texture, the surface is based on modern stone floors. You can feel the unevenness just like on real stone!