Care & cleaning

The special surface coating on Parador vinyl floors has a repellent effect against dirt and bacteria. Vinyl floors are easy to clean, making them perfectly suitable for households with pets, children and allergy sufferers.

As with all other floor coverings, you should protect your new vinyl from dirt particles such as sand by using suitable dirt-trapping zones. To protect the vinyl floors from scratches, felt pads must always be fitted under chair and table legs and under pieces of furniture. For normal maintenance cleaning, it is recommended to simply vacuum the floor or wipe it with a damp cloth. It is important in this case that no puddles form with standing water.

Using abrasives, floor waxes, steam cleaners or polishes is not recommended. Dirty marks caused by substances like shoe cream, varnish, tar, oil, grease, ink and lipstick are best removed using a cloth soaked in PU (polyurethane) cleaner. In this respect, the relevant instructions of use should be observed. To remove stains and level slight scratches, apply some PU cleaner with a cloth to the area being treated and rub it dry after a few minutes. If you have to treat or renovate a larger area, it is recommended using special care products and seals, which can be bought in specialist shops.