Surface design

Nothing fascinates us more than the perfect imitation of natural materials. Parador surface designs create amazing results; seductively tactile with genuine looks in extraordinary quality – whether imitating wood or other classics such as stone or concrete.

Authentic texture

This surface picks up on the grain and knots of the decor and, with its distinct wood texture, helps the natural, genuine impression.

Brushed texture

The brushed texture intensifies the naturally pleasant feel of a wood texture through the effect of a sand-blasted, brushed surface.

Wood texture

The surface is not flat but instead has a universal wood texture embossing. It adds to the impression that it is made of real wood, in terms of look and feel.

Rough-sawn texture

This texture is distinguished by the characteristic rough, porous surface of sawn timber and by its particularly fashionable used look with saw marks.

Stone texture

The surface with its universal embossed texture is based on modern stone floors. Tangible uneven patches just like on real stone!