Healthy living

Living in its most natural form

How do we want to live? And how do we protect our health and the planet at the same time – for us and for future generations? Questions like these are becoming increasingly important. Because living spaces are not just an expression of our individual desires and attitude to life - but also with regard to our footprint on the environment. Sustainability and product attractiveness ceased to be a contradiction long ago. In this context, Parador offers products that set standards in terms of ecology from their production across their entire life cycle.

The importance of one's own home and the workplace to one's health has been underestimated for many years. Today it is well known that choosing a natural or naturally produced floor has a positive influence on one's personal well-being. We at Parador have long since been investing in the development of low-emission floors with particularly good acoustic properties and an antistatic, antibacterial effect that is also kind on the joints.