The Parador Initiative

The future of the earth is in our hands – and in those of our children.

Children from all over the world have come together to form a global network under the umbrella of the student initiative Plant-for-the-Planet - with the aim of ending the climate crisis. Their way of achieving this: acting immediately - because tough talk and political manoeuvring does not stop the glaciers from melting or the rain forests from disappearing. Instead, the young members of Plant-for-the-Planet are planting trees, until a million new trees are planted in every country in the world. Parador is helping them to do this – and, together with the children from Plant-for-the-Planet, who in the meantime are active in 105 of the earth's countries, have already planted 99,628 trees.

Parador is also supporting the academies, which Felix Finkbeiner – founder of the student initiative – brought to life. Children here are getting other children interested in the climate crisis and global justice. 10,000 children from 15 countries and 4 continents have already taken part at these academies. By the year 2020, the number is expected to reach one million children worldwide. They learn how to give presentations and organise planting parties. In the German-speaking region, around 100 academies take place every year. If you have a child aged 8 – 14, they too can take part in one of these one-day events. Parador and Plant for the Planet - so that words are finally turned into actions.